Seafood Quiche Recipe

Seafood Quiche Recipe

When I first became a blogger, I searched for some quiche recipes online and came up with a few. The only mistake that I made was that I didn’t end up making it from scratch. Instead, I ordered a frozen quiche mix from a big box store. This resulted in my quiche being bland and tasteless. The truth is that you can make your own quiche, without the need for a pre-made mix.

Today I’m going to share a Seafood Quiche Recipe that can be made from scratch. Quiche is one of my favorite foods because it’s easy and so versatile. Many people love it because there is a good amount of filling (though some people really like the filling more with the egg) and it’s also delicious. Many English muffins are delicious, but they’re typically too thick and dense to make a quiche. Luckily, the French have a genius way of making a quiche with their seafood sausage and egg custard. For me, I like seafood with my quiche, but it’s amazing for any type of egg or meat-based.

Quiche is one of the most popular types of made with seafood dishes because it can be versatile and easy to prepare. Quiche comes in many different kinds, so it’s no wonder why so many people like it. In fact, these days it’s not uncommon for many people to make quiche at least once or twice a week. For all the reasons above, quiche is one of the best dishes you can cook at home.

How to make a Seafood Quiche

Quiche is a really popular food, and it’s something that many people make on a regular basis. There are a number of different ways to make the dish, though some are more popular than others. This quiche recipe uses fresh Crabmeat and Canned shrimp, so it’s a really good choice if you’re planning to serve the quiche at your next party.


  • Bacon, 1/2 pound 
  • 1 recipe pastry for a 9-inch double-crust pie
  • Butter, 1 tablespoon (melted)
  • Eggs, 4 
  • Half-and-Half cream, 2 cups 
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon 
  • White sugar, 1 pinch 
  • Ground nutmeg, 1 pinch 
  • Ground cayenne pepper, 1 pinch 
  • Ground black pepper, 1 pinch 
  • Shredded Swiss cheese, 1/4 pound 
  • Crabmeat, 1 (6 ounces) can (shredded)
  • Canned shrimp, 1 (4 ounces) can (drained)
  • Sliced fresh mushrooms, 1/2 cup 


Step 1

In a large, deep skillet, place the bacon. Heat over medium-high heat until evenly browned. Remove from heat, crumble, and set aside. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).

Step 2

With the pie shell, line a large pie pan or quiche pan. Brush the shell with melted butter. Add bacon to the bottom of the pie pan.

Step 3

Beat the eggs with cream, salt, sugar, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. Place the grated cheese over the bacon, and then sprinkle the crab meat and shrimp over the cheese. Place the slices of mushrooms on top of the egg mixture and pour the egg mixture over them.

Step 4

Place in preheated oven for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), and continue baking for 25 to 30 minutes. Allow cooling for 10 minutes before serving.

Seafood Quiche Recipe

Type: Breakfast

Cuisine: American

Recipe Yield: 8 Servings

Preparation Time: 15M

Cooking Time: 40M

Total Time: 55M

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