Sweet Chili Sauce Substitute (5 Amazing Substitutes)

Sweet Chili Sauce Substitute

Do you love to have spices in your food? If yes, you must be using sweet chili sauce in everyday meals. This toothsome sauce is a true assemblage of chili peppers, garlic, sugar, and vinegar. The most common use of chili sauce is as a dipping sauce for fries and nuggets. But you can also use it as a marinade in noodles, pasta, and rice. 

But what will you do if you don’t have all the ingredients to make sweet chili sauce? You will look for some healthy and flavorful alternatives. In this blog post, we have listed the top 5 sweet chili sauce substitutes that you can use to make your food delicious. 

Before moving toward these fantastic sweet chili sauce substitutes, let’s have a look at what sweet chili sauce is. 

What is Sweet Chilli Sauce? 

Sweet Chilli Sauce is an exclusive sauce that is spicy and sweet at the same time. It is formed by combining red chilies, sugar, and vinegar with other spices. Another specialty of sweet chili sauce is you can easily make it at your home. 

To make sweet chili sauce, you need to roast the chilies. Then, these roasted chilies are ground to form a thick paste. It’s then mixed with other aforementioned ingredients to get the desired flavor and consistency. Feel free to store this sweet chili sauce in your refrigerator for 2 months. 

5 Best Sweet Chilli Sauce Substitutes

Following are the five best sweet chili sauce substitutes that you can use to enhance the flavor of your meal: 

1- Chilli Sauce and Sweetener

Using chili sauce and sweeteners will give your dish a new twist. No need to worry if you aren’t content to eat the meal as it is, but you also have no sweet chili sauce to enjoy the new flavor. Adding the sweetener and chili sauce will undoubtedly increase the flavor of your meal and a portion of calories as well. 

2- Hot Sauce and Honey

Another amazing substitute for sweet chili sauce is hot sauce and honey. The sweetness and hotness of hot sauce are very similar to the Asian cuisine condiment, Sweet Chilli Sauce.

So if you want to enjoy the flavor of your favorite sauce even if it’s not present, replace it with an equal amount of hot sauce. Add some honey as well to enjoy the same sweet spicy taste. 

3- Red Chillies, Honey, and Vinegar 

If you want to have a more savory taste, use red chilies, vinegar, and honey. This is a perfect substitute for sweet chili sauce. These ingredients make a sauce that’s equally tangy and sweet.

Vinegar is essential to balance the sauce by cutting honey richness. Using this unique condiment is the most discerning palate as both dipping and marinade. 

4- Plum Sauce and Hot Sauce

Another condiment that’s even more flavor enhancer than sweet chili sauce. Plum sauce and hot sauce a versatile delicious substitutes for sweet chili sauce that can be used for everything including chicken wings, spring rolls, fries, noodles, pasta, and rice.

Hot sauce is the perfect ingredient to boost the taste of plum sauce with its tanginess. To use this substitute, mix equal amounts of hot sauce and plum sauce. And use this delicious innovation in place of sweet chili sauce. 

5- Hoisin Sauce, Vinegar, and Red Pepper Flakes

Another amazing way to spice up your meal is by using red pepper flakes, Hoisin Sauce, and vinegar. This combination gives the perfect substitute for sweet chili sauce due to the use of these ingredients in Asian cuisines.

Hoisin Sauce is a dark-brown thick sauce made up of chilies, spices, soybeans, and garlic that gives a sweet salty flavor. While vinegar and pepper flakes give a tangy and spicy kick respectively. The combination of these three makes an excellent sauce to be used on foods. 

Concluding Remarks! 

In short, sweet chili is a luscious condiment that is used in various dishes. After reading this blog post, you must have gotten the idea that there is no need to keep sweet chili sauce every time with you if you want some extra flavor in your meal.

Feel free to use any one of these 5 sweet chili sauce alternatives to get your favorite flavor. All these substitutes provide a similar tangy sweet flavor without any sugar. Try these sweet chili sauce substitutes and don’t forget to share your experience. 

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