Chicos Tacos Recipe

Chicos Tacos Recipe

Whenever I am craving tacos I always end up ordering them for lunch at work. While lunch is the only meal that my boss allows me to eat, I still like to keep some healthy options in my diet. so I ordered everything I could on my lunch break for this taco recipe.

Chicos Tacos Recipe is one of the most loved Mexican dish, loved by any foodie. The traditional taco is deep-fried in corn masa. However, doing ‘traditional’ taco-making at home might be difficult. With the possibility of high-fat content in the food, the cooking process might be dangerous for your health.

The Chickpea Taco, or Chicos Tacos, are popular Mexican food items that are made with chickpeas. Chickpeas are popular in South-Central, Central, and Northwest Mexico because of their high protein content. Chickpeas are also a staple food in many Asian countries, where people eat them mainly for the taste.

Chickpea tacos are often served with grilled onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and sometimes jalapeños. Serve these tacos alongside tacos al pastor–the Mexican meat taco–and they’re a great option for a quick and filling meal.If you’re looking to create a homemade taco recipe for your own personal notes or for food blogs, this is the right place to go.

How to Make Chicos Tacos

Chicos are simple, delicious tacos that are characterized by their simplicity. And just like the name suggests, they are made with just five ingredients: tortillas, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce. What makes this dish special is the use of fantastically flavorful spices like garlic, chili peppers, jalapeños, cumin, and coriander. These tacos are best served with a side of salsa or guacamole. For more recipes like this one, check out How to make chicos tacos.


  • Frozen beef taquitos (fry until crisp in oil 2-3 minutes)
  • Large bag finely shredded cheese (Mexican mix good)
  • One large can of whole tomatoes (any brand, whole only- tried other combos, this works)
  • Jalapenos 4-5 (cut off stems, I leave seeds)
  • 2 cubes tomato base boullion and 2 cubes chicken boullion
  • Gallon water-1
  • Salt to taste ( should need almost none b/c of boullion cubes)


Step 1:

For about 15 minutes, bring a gallon of water to a rolling boil with can tomatoes with cubes. Using a blender, blend the tomatoes on liquify and return them to the soup pot. Blend the fresh jalapenos with a small amount of water to liquify. Add jalapenos to soup (only a few pieces should be visible). Remove from heat. Store in plastic containers. Some of this may be frozen.

Step 2:

Cook beef taquitos for about 2-3 minutes in a deep fryer. Cover taquitos with cheese and place in a bowl with about a cup of hot soup.

Step 3:

For their green jalapeno sauce,

Step 4:

8 fresh jalapenos 4-5 tomatillos lime juice, salt

Step 5:

Tomatillos and jalapenos (leaves) need to be boiled until they are soft. Be sure to cover them with enough water. Tomatillos and jalapenos should be blended on a liquify machine until smooth. Add a few tablespoons of lime juice and salt before blending. For a really hot dish, add some serrano chilis to this.

Chicos Tacos Recipe

Type: Main Dish

Cuisine: Mexican

Recipe Yield: 3 servings

Calories: 818 calories

Preparation Time: 30M

Cooking Time: 1H

Total Time: 1H30M

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