Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s Recipe

Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano's

Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s are a favorite of mine. These super-easy and delicious-looking pasta parcels are great for entertaining. In a traditional manicotti, the filling is made with ground chicken, but I use low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese, instead. This is also a great filling for pizza; just add some grated Parmesan on top. To make this one, you will need a few ingredients that you probably already have in your house: some fresh spinach, marinara sauce, and a few chopped garlic cloves.

It’s summer, and there’s nothing better than a good, hearty pasta meal. Whether it’s stuffed with fresh veggies, topped with a bolognese sauce, or baked with a crispy crust, you can never have enough pasta. From lasagna to ravioli, spaghetti to gnocchi, there’s always a pasta dish you can make.

The Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s is a pasta recipe that is easy to make and extremely delicious. This affordable yet super flavorful recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This easy recipe is made with ground chicken breast that has been tossed with spinach, mushrooms, and a secret sauce from maggiano’s. You can serve this dish as a main dish or make it as a side dish for several different meals. Quick and easy to put together, this tasty meal will be on your dining table in no time.

How to make Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s

This recipe is a simple and quick way to make a Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s, where the macaroni noodles and spinach combine with melted mozzarella. It is a delicious pasta dish with a spinach and meat filling. It is easy to make and tasty!


  • Manicotti, 1 box 
  • Spinach, 9 oz bag 
  • Rotisserie chicken, 1/2 (meat removed from the bones and shredded)
  • Egg, 1
  • Ricotta cheese, 18 oz 
  • Grated parmesan, 3/4 c 
  • Shredded Italian blend cheese or Mozzarella,1 1/4 cup (divided)
  • Double recipe Alfredo sauce, 1 
  • Fresh parsley (for garnish)


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Step 2

Put a large pot of salted water on to boil; add the manicotti, and cook until the pasta is al dente. Then drain and set aside.

Step 3

The spinach should be cooked until wilted in 1 T olive oil in a small saute pan. Remove to a cutting board and chop roughly.

Step 4

Mix together the ricotta cheese, 3/4 Italian blend cheese, shredded chicken, spinach, and parmesan cheese in a bowl. Put the mixture in a piping bag or a large Ziploc bag with the corner cut off (the hole needs to be large enough to allow the filling to pass through).

Step 5

Over the bottom of a 13 x 9 rectangular baking dish, pour alfredo sauce.

Step 6

Fill the manicotti tubes with the filling and place them side by side in the baking dish. Add additional sauce to the pasta, and sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup of cheese on top.

Step 7

Let it bake for 20 minutes. Cool slightly and sprinkle with parsley before serving. Enjoy!

Chicken and Spinach Manicotti Maggiano’s Recipe

Type: Appetizer

Cuisine: American

Recipe Yield: 5 servings

Preparation Time: 15M

Cooking Time: 30M

Total Time: 35M

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