Haitian Legume Recipe

Haitian Legume Recipe

I love cooking. When I was growing up, the only way that my mom would cook for me was to just buy some groceries at the store, send us off to school with some hotdogs and some french fries, and then come home to cook dinner. I might make my own homemade macaroni and cheese or spaghetti sauce, but most of my family’s chow had more processed stuff like frozen dinners and instant mashed potatoes.

Today I’m going to share a Haitian Legume Recipe that can be made from scratch. This recipe is inspired by my love of Vietnamese food. Native to southern Vietnam, Haitian legume is a vegetable that originated from this region. The root of the plant resembles a carrot, but it’s thin and thin-skinned like a turnip. It is often cooked with herbs and cooked rice, and it has a firm exterior and a light yellow color. This particular recipe makes use of pork or chicken, and shallots or leeks can be used.

The culinary history of Haiti is rich. The country is known for its food. The cuisine is popular with locals and tourists alike. From fresh seafood to fresh fruit to spicy curries, one can say Haiti is the food capital of the Caribbean. But there are sadly not too many restaurants dedicated to these Haitian specialties. To remedy this, Tingley’s Restaurant just opened in Port-au-Prince.

How to make a Haitian Legume

This delicious healthy recipe will be sure to satisfy your appetite. To make this one of your favorite dishes, start by scrubbing the pot. To do so, pour water into the pot and swish it around for a few minutes, just until the sediment on the bottom is gone. Then wipe the pot clean.


  • Eggplant, 1 
  • Carrots, 3 large 
  • Cabbage, 1 Small (outer layer removed, quartered)
  • Vegetable oil,2 tablespoon 
  • Yellow Onion,1 Large 
  • Garlic minced, 2 teaspoon 
  • Vegetable stock, 2 cups 
  • Tomato Paste, 4 tablespoon 
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Haitian Epis, 3 tablespoon 
  • Spinach, 1 bag or about 2 cups


Step 1

Carrots and eggplant should be peeled and sliced. Place aside.

Step 2

Cut the cabbage into quarters. Place aside.

Step 3

Add the oil to the instant pot, press sauté and set the time to 7 minutes. Let the oil heat. Cook the onions and garlic for 1 minute. Stir so it doesn’t stick to the pot.

Step 4

The eggplants, cabbage, and carrots should be added now. Stir well. Add vegetable stock afterward. Secure the lid with the valve. Cook on high pressure for 15 minutes. Do a quick release after 15 minutes.

Step 5

Adjust the time to 18 minutes, open the lid, and press saute again. By doing so, the excess liquid will boil off. Add the tomato paste, lime juice, and seasonings to the mashed vegetables. Season with additional salt and pepper as desired.

Step 6

Combine the spinach with the vegetables. Continue cooking until the timer stops.

Step 7

You can serve it with rice and enjoy it.

Haitian Legume Recipe

Type: Main Dish

Cuisine: American

Recipe Yield: 8 Servings

Preparation Time: 10M

Cooking Time: 40M

Total Time: 50M

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